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“The company “indo- Japan Agro-tech ltd.” is engaged in business of manufacturing Bio Organic manure with the brand name “DHANANJAY”. The company is established in year 1997 since it’s incorporation company’s and its main objective is to research and develop Bio-organic products for soil enricher, soil conserver to meet the natural calamities arising day by day due to the tremendous changes and scarcity of natural resources in the cultivation field.”


Bhisham Kumar Gupta
Managing Director

Vinubhai Prabhudas Patel

Divit Agarwal
Additional Director

The Company also gone through the process of testing Dhananjay Bio-Efficiency in Taluka Agro Farm, of Agriculture department of Gujarat at Thasra dist. Keda Gujarat.

The Company’s product has been gone in the process of testing of Bio-Efficiency of Dhananjay organic manure in the CCS Haryana Agriculture University (Kaithal) Haryana .

Here is the process of that how to use Dhananjay Bio Organic Manure Step by Step.

The quality results of our product: Dhananjay Organic 


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Jaivik khad - 50Kg
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Jaivik khad - 1Kg
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Dhananjay Organic Manure


Our product “Dhananjay Bio-organic manure” have very specialized quality as follows:

> It increases supply of Organic elements in the soil.

> It conserves the soil and it’s structure.

> It provides all essentials elements to the plants in   sufficient and balanced manner.

> It helps in shoot system of plants and ultimately increases the production of crops.

> It is concerned not only the growth but also gives the  quality product.

> It prevents the affect of termite.

> Use of this manure is an important step towards operation balanced Nutrition for plants.

> Use of this manure ,minimize the use of pesticides/insecticides.

> Use of this manure discard the use of ‘DAP’.

> The impact of this manure on environment is friendly.


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Registered Office: No.100-A, A Block, Cycle Market, Jhandewalan Extention, New Delhi- 110055, India.

Main Office: Factory 6 and 10, GIDC, Thasra-388250, Gujarat


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